Our telehealth service – Tele-Connect – enables live video interactions among any combination of stakeholders to clarify treatment, expedite claims decisions and speed the delivery of care. Injured workers and their home health providers can confer with our clinicians and other providers to quickly assess new developments and clarify treatment. Claims managers can take virtual tours of the home before, during and after modifications. DME specialists can help injured workers use wheel chairs and other equipment. Plus, sessions are recorded and stored in our CareLink library for future reference.

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Clinically Driven

Our business model is clinically driven as opposed to the transaction-based model common in our industry. We know what care needs to be delivered, when and by what type of provider. And our 15,000+ provider network has every level of home health caregiver and most reliable and responsive equipment manufacturers and medical supply companies in the country.

A Clinical Care Coordinator (CCC) stays connected to the claim, throughout the life of the claim. CCCs monitor all aspects of the cases, proactively communicating with the injured worker, adjusters, case managers and employers to ensure care without interruptions or expensive delays.

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Speed & Efficiency

Our referral intake call center is open 24/7 and is located in the United States and staffed by our own employees, many of whom are bilingual. (We don’t outsource our call center operations and there are no translation fees.)

Medically savvy intake specialists get the case moving in the right direction, right away. We pride ourselves on responding to referrals within two hours. That’s a two-hour confirmation, compared to the two-to-seven days that many payers have to wait. We get injured employees into the right hands right away and quickly provide claims managers the data they need to guide treatment and set reserves.

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Vital Information Flow

We know what kind of information payers need to manage complex claims and we deliver it expeditiously and thoroughly. Communication starts the moment of referral when our clinically trained intake reps process the case. Within 48 hours, the adjuster and nurse case manager receive a status report with all the details needed to manage the claim on a granular level. We provide reports and costs analyses on a customer-determined frequency to help payers monitor cases, swiftly adjust treatment plans and keep claims on track.

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HomeCare Connect a national home health, durable medical equipment and supply company — the only one in the workers’ compensation industry exclusively focused on managing the quality and cost of these vital and expensive services.

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